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**** ATTENTION ****

This website will cease to exist on April 1st 2021, as my remaining balance on the service account is paid up till then.

This website's IT Service costs are: $200/yr. That breaks down to $10/mo for the Linux VPS server, and $80/yr for the Domains.

This website's IT Maintenance costs are: I volunteer my time for it which is roughly 5hrs a month supporting this website, so assume my hourly rate is $25/hr that's $100/mo or $1200/yr. This entails activities that I would NOT normally do if it was on my laptop. These are IT Mainteance tasks one does to a public facing website: monitoring the server behavior, keeping patches on the OS up to date, OS security analysis, making sure wiki software itself is secure from spam/bots, and perform site backups—as perform quarterly restores. This is low key, I usually spend an hour a week going over the system and doing general System Admin work.

This DOES NOT include the time and cost for upgrading the Server Linux OS, or the Mediawiki software itself. This requires a test environment to work any bugs and validate all works when porting the data over. The last time I did that it was roughly 30hrs of work to validate and test everything.

That said, the community involvement from a financial resource as a community resource is non-existant and as such, I'm ready to pull the plug on this site.


VW Diesel Shop Literature

File:Repair Manual - AAZ, 1Z, AHU.pdf - W42 011 294 103B

File:Alh aaz ahh ahu 1z 1 9.pdf

File:VW diesel 77-83-2.pdf - Four Cylinder Diesel 1977-83 - Protraining

Vanagon Bentley

VW Diesel Literature

Injection Pumps

VE Troubleshooting.jpg

File:Robert Bosch VE-type Injection Pump.pdf - Good Beginner overview of Bosch VE Injection Pumps

File:Theory of Bosch VE Type Rotary Diesel Fuel Injection Pump.pdf - Theory of Bosch VE Type Rotary Diesel Fuel Injection Pump

Diesel Vanagon 50° Specifics

Conversion Related

Betsy Bertha's m-TDI

Performance Parts

Cooling System

Engine Electrical