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Reference Material

Here is my YouTube playlist of videos to this page. There's not as many videos as I initially thought. I think videos can move a bit quick and allow a miss of detail. That and uploading a large video over mifi is a challenge ;)

Part Reference

1982 VW Vanagon - Part Information - CS/JX
1983 VW Vanagon - Part Information JX
1997 VW Passat Engine (AHU)

Part Vendors

Oem Wolf
Auto Haus AZ
ID Parts TDI Parts Source
Bora Parts
Jim Ellis
T3 Technique
PartsPlace Inc
TechTonics Tuning
Rocky Mountain Westy (RMW)
Jags That Run
Canada Catalyst
Thomas @ Quality German Autoparts (QGA)
Scott @ US Rally Team

Conversion Part Vendors
Berd Jager TDI Conversion parts
Epytec DS Engine Bracket

Service Manuals

VW; File:VW-W42-011-294-103B.pdf
Bentley; ISBN 10: 0837603668
File:Alh aaz ahh ahu 1z 1 9.pdf

Social Media & Forums

Social Media

FaceBook has most of those groups

Vanagon Owners Group - Overly moderated and free speech/thought is NOT encouraged.
Diesel Powered Vanagons
VW T3 TDI Club Facebook Group
TDI Club
Betsy's mTDI Conversion Thread
TDI Parts List
1.9TD AAZ Engine Rebuild
Yahoo Diesel Vanagon Group
Yahoo TDI-conversion
VW T3 TDI Facebook Group
Follow The Wind Blog involving AC to TDI Swap
Syncroincity AAZ into 86 Syncro @ 50
Club 80-90 1Z in Vanagon
82' AHU conversion
Andy Bee's ALH in an 84