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Howdy! This wiki was created by myself; William Pool, aka Will, aka Willie, aka DW, aka Diesel Willie.

I bought Betsy my 1.6na Westfalia back in 2012 as a 32yr Birthday present having had zero previous mechanical background or knowledge.

I've been slowing down over the years (disability) and wanted something easier to camp in than a standard tent, and went the VW Camper route.

I previously now (2018) and at the time was an IT Engineer, and decided to create this wiki primarly for myself for logging my work and research on my VW.

It ultimately grew larger than I thought, and I eventually gained the motivation, gumption. and confidence to do my own mTDI conversion having two other buds help with the grunt work with me.

In that regard, this reference documentation wikipedia was offered up to the community to join and contribute.

As for what I'm currently doing, I'm retired on disability and no longer work in the IT field due to my health. I am currently focusing on my health full-timing in my VW looking to find quality friends, and if lucky find a woman to call a companion/partner.