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This is not created or updated by WC Cardwell, but by wpool who's posted copied and put comments of his photos on FB to this page. Hopefully to help myself as others out!

He has a 82' diesel Westy & 87 Syncro donor

Facebook Entries


Time to start removing harness and vacuum lines through rear crossmember as I need to cut my air cooled crossmember out of my 82 diesel and weld in the donor 87 crossmember my plan is to cut the crossmembers at the inner box frame rails and weld in the syncro crossmember on the inner portion of the rails into the 82




Today was plasma cutting day cut out rear crossmember from donor syncro to prep it and re weld it on the 82 westy at least this is the toughest one the rest will be easier glad it’s out !

Wccardwell-04-30-21a.jpg - Wccardwell-04-30-21b.jpg - Wccardwell-04-30-21c.jpg - Wccardwell-04-30-21d.jpg


Removed air cooled style rear crossmember from van Syncro crossmember fitted and ready to weld took me all day plasma cutting and grinding next power steering rack !😳🤪✌️

Rent a plasma if possible Or borrow you may bend so many blades the cost may be equal in blades alone ! It’s harder to get the whole Syncro one out in one piece the 2wd member can be cut out in multiple pieces I cut multiple times sneaking up on final destination I figured 14 3/8 to center of each side from inner frame rails to punch mark I hammered into Syncro crossmember

Gary Lander: Wc Cardwell my biggest concern is how I will accomplish the crossmember cut, the angled cut that is obstructed by the trailing arm mount

Wc Cardwell: Gary Lander cut your 2wd in half starting towards the front then you can cut it from the inside butterfly it to cut from the inside out

Gary Lander: Wc Cardwell what about removal from the donor? I'd like to remove it as a nice even section, square with the framerails

Wc Cardwell: Gary Lander yes I cut the trailing arm connections out of the way to cut 1/8 of an inch in because there are reversed weld tabs on inner portion of crossmember I tried to leave as much there to weld to