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Finding TDC

This is a good trick from Andrew Libby (Guru)

One of my favorite ways to find actual TDC is to remove the glow plugs (all four so it is easy to turn) and push a piece of flexible clear hose into the #1 or #4 glow plug hole. Make sure it is an airtight seal and if needed add some grease or sealant around it. Put the other end into a container of water. Turn the crankshaft slowly. If water begins getting pulled into the tube, rotate the crankshaft the other way slowly. Bubbles will be pushed out of the tube for a little while and then they will stop and the water will get pulled into the hose. That point where the bubbles stop and the water begins getting pulled in is TDC. No tooth counting or comparing flywheels necessary.


Parts with busted nipples such as;

Vacuum Pump

The top lid with associated oring can be found via the two part numbers:


Turbo Loss Tricks

Cameron Belscher, I changed my turbo oil feed to a flexible line using some AN adapters. The cool thing about this set up is, if I'm out somewhere and my turbocharger goes south, I can disconnect the feed line from the banjo fitting and put the cap on it. Then disconnect the intake from the intercooler and put my air filter on the intake. I can then drive back to civilization. This will keep you from being stranded because of a blown turbocharger.


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