Solar & House Battery Setup

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Solar & House Battery Setup

PDXWesty Solar Setup


Based on the above circuit here is my setup

Betsy Solar Setup-a.jpg

Betsy Solar Setup-b.jpg

Betsy Solar Setup-c.jpg

Updated shore-power and maintainer


Voltage Regulator

This is required to pump up 14.1v+ for any AGM or Deep Cycle battery.

Alternator Charging Relay

Yandina C100 - Charge Relay

The Yandina voltage regulation (blue wire) is used with AGM to limit the charging voltage to 14.2 volts or less. Apparently, AGM batteries don't like higher voltages.

Aux Battery

Connectors / Wiring

When you add connections inline in wiring, you should try to always make the load end the male, the feeder the female. That way when you disconnect it, or if it ever comes apart by itself, you don't have an exposed hot male tip hanging around. Having the shielded female on the hot side means that that hot connector is covered when it's disconnected.

Aux Battery Voltage Measurement

Voltage Reading State Of Charge
12.84 Volts or higher 100%
12.60 Volts 75%
12.18 Volts 50%
11.88 Volts 25%


I chose Odyssey for Betsy's battery manufacture of choice

Odyssey - PC1200MJT recommended for starter, the PC1500 & PC1750 for under the seats

my Odyssey PC1750 TheSamba Post

Odyssey PC1200 - LHW - 7.87 x 6.66 x 6.80" | 199.9 x 169.1 x 172.7mm | 38.2lbs | 42(Ah 20Hr)

Odyssey PC1750 - Group 65 - LWH - 11.83 x 7.20 x 7.43" | 300.5 x 182.9 x 188.7mm | 58lbs | 74(Ah 20Hr)

Indel ASU Fridge


Propex Heater

Westy Ventures - Karl is your guy for Propex!

Solar Panels

CURRENT - Hightop Rack

I'm reusing the same Zamp Solar 80w panel used on my PopTop and placing the panel rear of hightop and a MightyMax 150w panel on the front slant.

230w total!

The Front Solar Rack & Solar (150w)



The Rear Solar Rack


Rear 80w panel installed


OLD - Luggage Rack

I used Zamp Solar's 80w Airstream panel 20x40 as seen here

Here are some photos of my project






Because my fridge pushes too much on the City Water hook-up that was removed. Instead, I bought a City Electrical Box from Van-Cafe and hollowed it out and placed an external RV connector:


The external RV port goes by may names, but if you search for ZS-RV-ROOF/SIDEWALL you should find it

Stock Circuit Changes

Stock Fuse 3 runs the dome lights, stereo, and other components. This should be routed to the aux.


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