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This is the starting page if you're new around here.

Here is a more "detailed" about page at the bottom of the website for those specifics.

This page is to help YOU the Diesel Vanagon community member.

First, any suggestions can be emailed to me here:


The fun part! Please read the below FAQ if you're new and haven't edited before.


MediaWiki Formatting


Why a wiki?

A wiki makes the most logical sense to me for a reference location for material on a subject. Like a reference manual for example.

The biggiest problem in my mind with modern "Social Media" mediums is the ability to search the information. There's stories, opinions, etc. LOT of this really isn't so much opinion. There's some pretty tried-and-true proper ways to do things. The "cream of the crop" which was why I formulated this wiki.

The older technologies such as email forums, suffer from the same search ability. It's just pure hell.

Where's all the fancy shit at?!

You're apparently a millenial and need everything handed to you. This wiki will help serve as a tool to help you learn to fend for youself and not be such a fucking baby. This is FREE volunteered from my time. No ads, no bullshit, just us coal burners.

What about editing

There's full backups every Sunday if someone fucks something up REAL bad. So no worries, shit happens, we'll have backups.

Secondly, I encourage people to edit information for their own builds, accuracy, new topics, etc. I expect if someone is editing the material it's probably worth having. If it needs an edit well go at it.

Fact is, this community isn't large enough and is so small, if you know your shit you'll likely add to the value of knowledge. If you don't or incorrect information is found, it'll be addressed.

How so? Well, we'll review the material. We can address this in a more global page/forum etc.

Do you know what you're doing?

At the technical level YES! As for how to offer this type of community medium? I've maintained wiki's many in the past. However, a community focal point? No. I think everyone's input here to make something for "us" is well worth the pains early on.

What if you die!

Then some of you should step up to the plate and contact me for helping maintain anything if I pass away.


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