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A comprehensive wiki of diesel information for the VW Vanagon also referred in Europe as T3 and the UK as T25

NOTE: If you see the words "IN PROGRESS" then that means someone is still working on that section/project/area

There are two views to the wiki mobile or desktop. Desktop is easier to use links and locate. Mobile is condensed.



Discussion Forum

The below link is a discussion forum to hash it out before it goes into the wiki


Advance Search

The below is a link to search the whole wiki



The below is a link to a simple chat room for everyone to discuss stuff than on the wiki itself.



Server File List

Special:ListFiles - Lists all files on the system

VW Diesel Shop Literature

File:Repair Manual - AAZ, 1Z, AHU.pdf - W42 011 294 103B

File:Alh aaz ahh ahu 1z 1 9.pdf

File:VW diesel 77-83-2.pdf - Four Cylinder Diesel 1977-83 - Protraining

VW Diesel Literature

Injection Pumps

VE Troubleshooting.jpg

File:Robert Bosch VE-type Injection Pump.pdf - Good Beginner overview of Bosch VE Injection Pumps

File:Theory of Bosch VE Type Rotary Diesel Fuel Injection Pump.pdf - Theory of Bosch VE Type Rotary Diesel Fuel Injection Pump

Legacy Diesel Support


Yahoo TDI Conversion Groups Archive Page

Diesel Vanagon 50° Specifics

Conversion Related

Brakes & Suspension

Cooling System

Engine Electrical

Engine Mechanical


Performance Parts


Solar & House Battery Setup



Community Builds

Diesel Willie's Personal Conversions

Conversion build information of my personal van Betsy Bertha

Betsy Bertha's m-TDI - v1.0

Betsy's Hightop conversion

New Members Start Here

Site Updates