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This page serves to help others locate the proper tool to do the job. Please add and create more areas if need be.


Popular VW Diesel tool websites:




Water-Pump Pully holder

The proper tool for removing the water-pump pulley on AAZ, 1z/AHU it can be found on the ebay or amazon links below that look for VW 96280, SCH96280, UN1203280



1z/AHU Crank Counterhold Tool

IDParts - MetalNerd Crank Bolt Counter Hold Tool all I4cyl VWs

1z/AHU Injector Slide Hammer Puller (long)

IDParts - MetalNerd long slide hammer for 1z/AHU for pulling injectors - This is really good if engine is out of van and you're on a stand. This gives you a lot more umph to get a frozen injector out.

1z/AHU Injector Slide Hammer Puller (short)

Amazon - ABN 3124 Diesel Injector Puller Tool with Slide Hammer, Common Rail Injector Remover w/ M8, M12, M14 Thread Adapter - This is a shorter version that works really well for removing injectors out of a Westy (damn cabinet!)

1z/AHU Injection Pump Sprocket Puller

IDParts - MetalNerd - Injection Pump Sprocket Puller for 1z/AHU



Timing Belt Tool Kits


IDParts - MetalNerd

IP Timing

Mechanical IP

The all mechanical bosch VW Pumps can be timed via a VW speciality tool and a dial gauge.

VW Specialty tool Diesel Timing Tool (Gauge Holder) 2066 - This can be located via ebay and other sellers. Try to find the authentic OE VW made one. Not all "compatible" ones fit. The holder is around $40-$60 and sometimes you can get one with a dial gauge for $80-$100.

You also need a 0-10mm by 0.01mm Metric Dial Indicator which you can find with search criteria below:




The best tool hands down for diagnostics and even some changes on a VW eTDI is VCDS

Ross-Tech VCDS